Chiropractic Practice Financing 101

How to Buy a Chiropractic Business & Successfully Navigate the Lending Process

When You Attend, You Will Learn...


1. Why this is the BEST time in the history of chiropractic to secure financing to purchase a chiropractic practice! 


2. The Seven (7) Most Dangerous Myths That Can Cause You To Make Costly Mistakes When Buying a Chiropractic Practice ( & What to Do About Them)


3. The most important factors that affect your ability to purchase a chiropractic practice with bank financing.


4. How to LOWER Your Downpayment Requirements So That You Can Spend LESS Money on a Practice or Purchase a BIGGER Practice With a Smaller Downpayment.


5. Alternative Strategies for Those With Less Than Perfect Credit, Not Much Money to Use as a Downpayment or Who Need Other "Creative" Solutions to Be Able to Buy.

And much more!!