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When You Attend, You Will Learn...
  • Why you need to consider options beyond the "traditional sale" and how to structure your transition to switch, slow down or succeed no matter which route you choose!
  • The 7 most important factors that affect your chiropractic practice value (and the 4 dangerous details that will deflate your asking price or destroy your sale)
  • How to begin your transition SOONER so you can slow down AND get your Associate to step it UP!
  • Common methods for valuing a chiropractic practice and how you can quickly establish what your practice is worth.
  • How the "Sell & Switch" can transform your transitions from "oh no" to "let's go" and creating more value for you, your buyer AND your banker!
  • Why your buyer thinks your practice is worth A LOT less (especially if you are planning on transitioning to your Associate) - and what you can do about it NOW!